Oh My Goth - Girls Who Grind Coffee - 250g or 1kg

Oh My Goth - Girls Who Grind Coffee - 250g or 1kg

Girls who grind coffee is an all-female specialty coffee roastery owned and run by Fi O'Brien and Casey LaLonde. These girls started up GWGC to champion and challenge the male dominated industry of which 70% of the coffee production is actually carried out by women. GWGC gives a voice and brings light to the women behind the coffee beans in your home, providing opportunities through the empowerment of women. 

GWGC set up the Cheek to Cheek initiative.
"This initiative puts 10% of the sale price of all our retail bags of roasted coffees back into the pockets of our producers"
"Coffee producers struggle to make a living wage from their product. This is even more difficult for women, who more often than not, receive less money for the same task carried out by a man."
"We want to give back to the producers in exchange for everything they give, above and beyond the beans themselves. We want our producers to feel part of the process, part of our team and be proud of the incredible coffee they have produced."

Please select your desired coffee type, we currently offer ground for espresso 250g or whole bean 250g/1kg.
Grind Wholebean
Size 1kg

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